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Archive | December, 2011
Getting ready for the big shoot

How I shot my first cooking video on my iPhone
(and what I won’t do again)

  Things started with a one day sale on whole chickens at the local Whole Foods. The labor to flavor ratio on a whole roasted chicken is off the charts, and I wanted to see if I could get some others to cook a whole chicken for the first time as I had two days [...]

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Indoor ‘smores

Wrapping up dinner last night I popped one of the crackers that Gabi was eating in my mouth. SURPRISE! These were Honey Wheat Ritz, and they tasted very VERY similar to a graham cracker. NOW I WANT  A ‘SMORE! I wasn’t going to fire up an actual fire, but i know microwaves are great at [...]

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Extra Firm Tofu sauteed with Peppers, Mushrooms and Green Onions. Served over scrambled eggs and with grille pitas on the side.

What the catbus? TOFU!?

Generally I am not a fan of stuff pretending to be other stuff. Those boca burgers that have fake grill marks and some odd imitation of grill flavor are just off-putting. I much prefer the Morningstar Black Bean Burgers from Costco (the Costco ones are bigger then the regular store ones), and they make a [...]

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