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Archive | July, 2011
Basill and cilantro

Fresh Mango and Papaya Gazpacho

The Players 1/2 large papaya peeled and seeded 1 large mango peeled and pitted 5 cloves fresh garlic 5  small sweet peppers seeded 2 jalapeno peppers seeded 1/2 vidalia onion 1 small cucumber peeled 2 medium tomatoes 2 small ears sweet corn kernels 1/2 cup olive oil 1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice fresh limes [...]

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Plated pesto omelet with tomatoes

Pesto, pushing breakfast to 11

My experiment with Cashews in pesto was not only an economic success, but a victory for tongues throughout the house. The glorious side-effect was that I now had a lot of extra pesto around, but not enough to make a whole meal from. Mixing it into some Mayo elevated my turkey sandwich into “I would [...]

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West3 Elephant Repellent™

The Taste Test

The magic powder was more a rough grind, and you can see the bright orange flakes in the darker red of the standard West3 Spice Rub. Chris had done 3 rounds of testing and we settled on a ratio that would be pretty hot, but not burn your taste-buds off. I wanted to use the Elephant Repellent [...]

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Finished Mac & Cheese, photographed at sunset

Mac & Cheese

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. What about leftover cheese? Mac & Cheese of course! This recipe is a great chance to work with a roux if you never have before. It is a simple party of butter, flour and heat that will open new doors of your mind…culinarily speaking. Cast of Characters: Step [...]

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Elephant Repellent™

We are fine tuning the ratio of West3 Spice rub to Ghost Chili powder over the course of dinners this week. We are trying to get it to live up to the warning label. Goal is pretty close to tongue blistering, but not ER visit inducing. I am super excited to work it up on [...]

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